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About Us

About Us

We provide service for Banner - University Medical Center Phoenix, Banner Estrella Medical Center, Banner Ironwood Medical Center, and Banner Goldfield Medical Center. Currently our group is comprised of over 50 full-time emergency care physicians (board certified/board eligible) and over 20 advanced practice providers.

Our Goals

To administer trust and compassion through personalized medical care To provide the best quality customer service

Founded in 1979
EPS is located
in Phoenix, AZ.

EPS provides excellent patient care in the greater Phoenix area along with top-notch customer support. We strive to provide the best medical care and compassion to our patients. Through our commitment, experience, and expertise EPS has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!

Our staff

Office Staff

Elizabeth Mehrer
Director of Client Administration Former Chief Operations Officer for EPS

Monica Holt
Practice Admin - Interm

Jennifer Crow
Administrative Assistant - Staff Special

Devyn Michelotti
Operations Coordinator

Nichole Logan
Credentialing Coordinator

Alejandra Cervantez
Associate Administrative Assistant

Katie McDonald
Operations Coordinator

Leticia Blanco
Associate Administrative Assistant

Miriam Glidewell
Lead Scribe


Our Directors at EPS hold additional responsibilities at the Banner locations where we provide services.

David Streitwieser, M.D.
EPS President/CEO
MedLink Medical Director

Darren West, M.D.
EPS Chief Medical Officer

David Cohen, M.D.
Chief of Staff at Banner Estrella Medical Center
ED Medical Director at Banner Estrella Medical Center

Nathan Heaps, M.D.
EPS Billing Director
Chief of Staff at Banner Ironwood Medical Center
Chief of Staff at Banner Goldfield Medical Center

Mandy Limberg, D.O.
EPS Recruiting Director

Richard Bruno, M.D.
ED Medical Director at Banner Ironwood Medical Center

Marvin (Todd) Clever, M.D.
EMS Director at Banner Estrella Medical Center

Robert Baron, M.D.
EPS QA/QI Director

Terrence Brown, M.D. & J.D.
EPS Counsel
Chair of Emergency Medicine at Banner Estrella Medical Center

Robert Porter, D.O.
ED Medical Director at Banner Goldfield Medical Center

Moneesh Bhow, M.D.
ED Medical Director at Banner - University Medical Center Phoenix

Our Doctors

Erin Baas Pace, M.D.
Robert Baron, M.D.
Moneesh Bhow, M.D.
Bentley (Ben) Bobrow, M.D.
Devin Boothe, M.D.
Terrence Brown, M.D.
Richard Bruno, M.D.
Lloyd (Spencer) Burns, D.O.
Stephanie Campbell, M.D.
Marvin (Todd) Clever, M.D.
David Cohen, M.D.
Jennifer Cohen, M.D.
Carrie Cook, D.O.
Colin Coor, M.D.
Diana Dabell, M.D.
Douglas Dang, M.D.
Justin Devlin, M.D.
Vikas Gandhi, M.D.
John Gardner, M.D.
Brian Geyer, M.D.
Amanda Grace, M.D.
Kimberlie Graeme, M.D.
Jason Grimsman, D.O.
Emily Hansen, M.D.
Nathan Heaps, M.D.
Anne Hermida, M.D.
Mellissa Holden-Leborgne, D.O.
Patrick Hopkins, M.D.
Kevin Johnson, D.O.
Shawnna Kifer, M.D.
Delmar (Kent) Layton, M.D.
Mandy Limberg, D.O.
James (Jim) Lindgren, M.D.
Wendy Lucid, M.D.
Kristen McKinnon, M.D.
Christopher Miedema, M.D.
Joshua (Jed) Millar, D.O.
Alan Molk, M.D.
Jessica Monas, M.D.
Mark Mouritsen, M.D.
Aneesh Narang, M.D.
Brian Page, D.O.
Gavin Parisi, M.D.
Douglas Patton, M.D.
Robert Porter, D.O.
Michael Prescott, M.D.
David Radler, M.D.
Beth Ranney, M.D.
Steven Reinhart, D.O.
Eric Schenk, M.D.
Shannon Smalley, D.O.
Rory Smith, D.O.
Jerry Snow, M.D.
David Streitwieser, M.D.
Thomas Striegel, D.O.
Kristina Sycamore, M.D.
Cody Thorstenson, M.D.
Lester Tukan, M.D.
Mahmood Vahedian, M.D.
Darren West, M.D.
Beth Wilson, D.O.
Anthony Wong, M.D.
Samantha Wu Halpert, M.D.
Teresa Wu, M.D.
Trevin Zarrinkelk, D.O.

Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants

Patricia (Val) Armstrong, P.A.
Sean Barney, P.A.
Kim Basile, P.A.
Patricia (Patti) Campbell, A.N.P.
Matthew Cook, N.P.
Nathan Cook, P.A.
Sara Evans, P.A.
Kevin Fordell, P.A.
Kristen Green, N.P.
Joseph Harrison, P.A.
James Jarvise, P.A.
Dana Johnson, P.A.
Reese Jones, P.A.
Elizabeth Khoury, P.A.
David Lepley, P.A.
Monica Liu, P.A.
Yvonne Lorenzana, P.A.
David "Kayle" McCleve, P.A.
Robert McPherson, P.A.
Fred Miner, P.A.
Brandon Morris, P.A.
Brian Pavlue, P.A.
Michael (Mike) Prebil, P.A.
David (Dave) Rigby, P.A.
Suzanne Russell, P.A.
LaNika Scepurek, P.A.
Rachel Schwarz, P.A.
Victoria (Viki) Smith, P.A.
Sara Sorace, P.A.
Amanda Vitagliano, P.A.
Joseph (Joey) Vitagliano, P.A.
Margaret (Peggy) Vitagliano, P.A.
Lauren Wilcox, P.A.
Monica Winter-Zier, P.A.
Arleanne (Leanne) Yelle, F.N.P.
Emergency Professional Services' Doctors